Choir 1

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Choir I is a group of 50-60 children aged 7 and up who participate in a variety of large and small group activities weekly, on Sunday afternoons. Activities include theory and ear training games and rehearsal of repertoire—and, of course, a snack time–over a two-hour period. This choir performs 2 or 3 major concerts per season, singing approximately 10 selections in each of the major winter and spring concerts (both solo selections and others jointly with other choirs of the organization). A highlight of the fall term is a half-day retreat in the fall at a ranch setting west of Toronto. Theory and ear training instruction are integrated into rehearsal and theory homework is optional in this choir. Private vocal coaching is offered. Auditions for this group are done in a teaching manner, allowing the child to find a head tone, to explore the full range, and to allow the child to demonstrate his or her maturity and focus.

BCC – Choir I
Rehearsal Day: Sundays
2:45pm – 3:00pm Ear training and theory activities
3:00pm – 4:30pm Repertoire rehearsal (with break for nutritious snack)
Rehearsal Location: Scarborough Bluffs United Church
3739 Kingston Road, at Scarborough Golf Club Road (free parking available)

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