Educational Programmes

The BCC is very committed to bringing every chorister to a high level of musical literacy through an integrated programme of theory, ear training and sight-singing that is individualized to the skills and the needs of each chorister. The programme of instruction, A Young Singer’s Journey, is a published programme that has been piloted by the Bach Children’s Chorus and shared with other children’s choirs throughout North America and beyond. The programme consists of a series of five self-instructive workbooks, and ear training and sight-singing games that are taught in both small and large group instruction and integrated into all rehearsals, reinforcing the use of the skills. Age- and skill-appropriate activities are taught to every singer in Choirs I, II and III, with senior chorister mentors an important part of the programme.



Theory instruction in A Young Singer’s Journey takes choristers from basic note-spelling and rhythm through recognition and use of all major and minor key signatures of up to four sharps and flats, all major, minor and perfect intervals in those keys, and counting simple and duple time.
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Ear Training and Sight-singing

Ear training consists of games and sequences that challenge the choristers to develop a repertoire of skills that they can bring both to sight-singing melodies and to the repertoire that they prepare for performance. The programme is based on tonic solfa (moveable doh) and interval recognition. This is offered to all children in choirs I, II and III.
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Vocal Coaching

Highly qualified teachers of singing, each with qualifications as soloists and pedagogues, work individually with choristers in 10-minute sessions weekly. About 40% of choristers in choirs II and III take advantage of this programme.
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