BCC-BCYC The Dream Ship

The Dream Ship

Linda Beaupré, conductor, and Eleanor Daley, pianist.

The latest recording of the Bach Children’s Chorus, including Choirs I, II & III, as well as the Bach Chamber Youth Choir.
Released December of 2011.


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Track Lists
Sail Away
The Dream Ship
For the Beauty of the Earth
Consider the Tiny Ant
Oh! Spring (The Caterpillar)
Leisure Eleanor Daly
If I Got My Ticket
Bright Morning Star
Music Comes
The Spinning Wheel
Rainbow Round My Shoulder
Gentle Mary Laid Her Child
Heaven Somewhere
Careers Medley
A Goblin Went-a-Hiking
A Jubilant Song
Roads Go Ever On
I’m On My Way
Music in My Mother’s House
Agnus Dei (from A Little Jaz Mass)
Inscription of Hope
Hymn to Freedom